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Increased tourism again for Cape Verde

Cape Verde has received 348,000 tourists in the first half of 2017 Cape Verde tourists have once again increased during the first six months of 2017. 7.9% more registered guests visited the country and overnight stays increased by 9.8% These figures come from a recent statement by the National Statistics Institute. 348,600 guests spent a total of 2.2m overnight stays on Cape Verde. In the second three...

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Sports equipment for Maio

A gift from São João da Madeira a city in the Norte region of Portugal recently arrived in Maio. The delivery included sports equipment, school equipment and toys. The intention being to improve sporting facilities and activities on the island. The links between São João da Madeira and Maio started in the...

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EU climate change funding for Cape Verde

President Trump may deny climate change, but Cape Verde recognises the risk to the country and to the planet if we do not tackle this issue. The Cape Verde Government and the EU have recently signed a European Funding agreement worth €5m for the project 'Reinforcing the Capacities and Resilience of the Forestry Sector in Cape Verde'. The principal aim of the project is to improve Cape Verde's ability to...

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Solar power in Cape Verde

With its excellent climate and almost unending sunshine, the government of Cape Verde has been awarded a grant by the World Bank to create a solar energy project. The electricity from this installation is to be supplied to...

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Cape Verde now linked to The Azores by flights

From Saturday (3 June) a new airline route linked Cape Verde with the Azores. The flight is operated by The Azores Airline. The flight also links, through the Azores, with Boston in the USA. The airline has indicated that it would be interested in a partnership with the Cape Verde airline TACV. The new route is between Praia (Santiago, Cape Verde) and Ponta Delgada (São Miguel, Azores). Two flights a week...

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BinterCV to take over internal flights from TACV

It has been announced by the Cape Verde Economy Minster, José Gonçalves that on 1 August 2017 TACV, the Cape Verdean national airline, will cease to operate domestic flights within Cape Verde; Binter CV have been flying between all internal airports since mid-June. The Cape Verdean government has bought a 49% share in Binter CV, and these shares will eventually be available for...

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Cape Verde sees an increase in tourism

British holidaymakers have been behind an increase in tourism figures in Cape Verde. Visitor numbers have increased by some 13.6% and British visitors account for over 20% of visitors to the country. German guests amounted to over 11% and visitors from Portugal and France make up just over 10% each. Statistics show that on average UK visitors stayed on the islands longer, with an average of nine nights....

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New passenger buildings at Sal airport

New terminal buildings at Sal International Airport (Amílcar Cabral) will improve facilities for passengers. The airport is becoming busier as more and more flights are coming to Sal from Europe. A second similar building is currently under...

‘A Place in The Sun’ Visits Cape Verde

The highly popular TV property programme 'A Place in the Sun' visits Cape Verde in 2017 to film a a British couple looking to buy a holiday home. Featured on there will be properties marketed by Ohlsson Properties on the island of Sal. The programme will bring a high level of TV publicity to the Cape Verde islands, which has been establishing itself as an all year around Sunshine destination with...

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